15 2015-05

The Ground-based LIDAR Tested Successfully in Pudong Shanghai Meteorological Bureau

We conducted a field experiment with Wind Profile Lidar in Pudong Shanghai meteorological ...

22 2015-04

Wind Doppler Lidar Becomes Operational in Guazhou Gansu

Wind Doppler Lidar was delivered to Beijing Electric Power Research Institute in Guazhou, ...

15 2017-05

Doppler Wind Lidar Won the Bidding for the Project of WWP on Offshore Wind Power Station of China Southern Power Grid Company

On May 12, 2017, our Doppler Wind Lidar won the bidding for the project of WWP(Wind Power ...

12 2017-05

The Party Chief of Qingdao City Zhang Jiangting Visited the Seaglet's lidar

On May 12, 2017, Zhang Jiangting, who is the Party Chief of Qingdao city, and other leader...

28 2017-04

Li Keqiang Visited the China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp

On May 27, Li Keqiang, China's Primer and the member of the Politburo Standing Committee, ...

13 2017-04

Doppler Wind Lidar Won the Bidding for Project of Shandong Province Environmental Monitoring Station

Doppler Wind Lidar won the bidding for On Feb 17, 2017, Doppler Wind Lidar won the bidding...

11 2017-04

The Project in Liangshan Mountains of Sichuan Province Passed Examination.

On Apr 17, 2017, Wind Doppler lidar system used in Liangshan Mountains passed the examinat...

17 2017-03

Dopplor Wind Lidar Won the Bidding of the Project of Offshore Wind Farm in Fujian province

On Mar 7, 2017, Wind Doppler Lidar won the bidding of the offshore lidar procurement proje...

06 2017-03

The Test Project of Wind Turbines Power Curve in Jiangsu Rudong Wind Farm Passed Examination.

In March 2017,Dopplor Wind Lidar was used for the test project of wind turbines power curv...




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